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SY215C (LR)

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Primary Specifications :


Operating Weight
24.15 T

Engine Power
114 kW
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Product Description

Energy conservation and environmental protection

AOCT self-optimizing control technology is adopted to optimize the hydraulic spool and increase the main pump displacement to achieve fuel economy.

Stable and reliable

Reinforced structural parts cope with complex working conditions, multi-stage reinforced fuel filter system copes with inferior oil products, high-efficiency heat dissipation cooling system, hydraulic pulse absorber.


Operating Weight

24.15 T

Engine Model


Engine Power

114 kW

Engine Displacement

5.86 L


29 L

Fuel Tank

340 L

Hydraulic Tank

239 L

Bucket Digging Force

88.2 KN

Arm Digging Force

61.7 KN

Carrier Wheel on Each Side


Thrust Wheel on Each Side


Standard Boom

8.5 m

Standard Stick

6 m

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